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WFC 2024 website introduces sustainability section

The Swedish Floorball Federation, together with the International Floorball Federation, are GAMES project participants. As hosts of the 2024 Men’s World Floorball Championships in Malmö, Sweden, organisers have introduced a sustainability section of the WFC 2024 website.

Shown by organisers’ commitment to GAMES, WFC 2024 has lofty sustainability ambitions on all levels – socially, environmentally, and economically – to ensure the Championships are a ‘Certified Sustainable Event’. This means that WFC 2024 will quality-assure sustainability-related work, not only linked to environmental/ecological impact, but also in relation to the other dimensions of sustainability like social and economic. 

“It is important that we communicate our sustainability work already at this stage with the launch of the new website, more than a year before the championships, to be able to reach all of our target groups. For instance, supporters who are now planning or securing their spots for the WFC 2024 can by this means already find information about how to contribute to a more sustainable event,” added Amanda Emet, Coordinator WFC 2024.

“We are extremely glad that the LOC of the 2024 World Floorball Championships have drawn up a plan for sustainability which builds on the legacy of the Green Goal initiative from the 2022 event in Switzerland. Not only do they have a plan but also aim to improve on learnings from 2022. Further, they are not only considering environmental aspect but also social and economic. It proves their dedication to this topic which is aligned with the overall strategy of floorball heading into the future,” said Tero Kalsta from the International Floorball Federation.

The website section explains some examples of how visiting spectators can contribute to the sustainability of the event, including: 

  • Travel by public transport: Did you know that both Malmö Arena and the Baltic hall have excellent locations for traveling by public transport? Malmö Arena is located right outside of Hyllie Station, which is only two stops from Malmö Central Station, while the Baltic hall instead is a short bus ride away from the central station. There are also good opportunities to travel to Malmö by public transport from several parts of Sweden and Europe – the direct trains from Stockholm or Gothenburg to Malmö have several departures every day, and from Copenhagen, Malmö Arena is less than 30 minutes away by train!
  • If you stay overnight in Malmö, choose an environmentally friendly hotel: Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, so it does perhaps not come as a surprise that the number of hotels to choose between are many. Choose an environmentally friendly accommodation during your stay! You can find these by, for instance, looking for environmentally certified or eco-labeled hotels.
  • Sort your waste in the arena in the designated waste sorting bins: It should be easy to sort your waste – therefore, you’ll find a variety of sorting bins for different types of waste in the arenas. Do the environment a favor and sort your waste in the right place!

Read more about the sustainability work of WFC 2024 in their Sustainability Policy here.